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Indoor Cricket Arena

The owner of Cricnet has deep passion for Cricket. He has been associated with the sport since his childhood. He has been professionally coaching cricket since many years and has experience of playing under 16 and under 19 tournaments, at district and state level for Gujarat. He also has played lots of cricket in Canada and is now involved with BEDCL as a board member. Due to his passion for cricket, he has developed his skills as a qualified Cricket Canada Umpire. He is also a member of the Toronto Cricket Umpire and Scorer Association.

After spending so many years playing cricket and umpiring the game, his passion for the game has inspired him to open a facility for the youth of Canada to come and practice cricket and sharpen their skills. His intentions are to give back to the game that he has enjoyed playing for so many years.

To encourage Cricket in the younger generation, Cricnet has designed many new Techniques of mordern cricket coaching.Please talk to management for all the details.

Here at Cricnet, we are committed to provide the best indoor cricket practice facility with the best customer service. We value long term relationship with our customers so customer's satisfaction is very important to us. We will make every possible effort to make our facility better and all your suggestions are more then welcome.

Please come visit us.
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Monday - Friday
10:00 am - 10:00 pm

Saturday and Sunday
8:00 am - 10:00 pm


1300 Kamato Rd. Unit #10,
Mississauga ON, L4W 2N2


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